Projection is to see in someone a past event with another person and our actions is reflected to the event rather to the circumstances of the present.

To project onto other people emotions felt in the past.

To project is react in the same way as the same event experienced in the past. For example if two people with same energies one from the past, where trauma born, and other from present where trauma is triggered, we as the one experiencing feel the emotional response in the present and react into it based on the past. This shows the healing sign and when we heal this emotional trauma any new person with same energy is to be dealt accordingly and with the wisdom of this past experience. Never returns again the energy already transformed.

To be aware of the emotional trigger in the present is the first step. Is the answer in response of  emotion or in response of alignment? Alignment means to grow through the trauma. Effectively response in emotion is the same answer we would like to be accepted in the past. Because it wasn’t we are now afraid of being rejected again. The wisdom is to do again and offer the same aligned answer.

Good tips to have time and connect to inner self before answer in response to emotion based on trauma. Allow time to be aware. If a situation occurs and you are facing a person try to gain time to connect with yourself. Ask questions, give responses like ‘Just give me a minute’. or “few seconds”. Speak indirectly ‘how can I help you?’ Or maybe ask to repeat the answer to allow time to answer in alignment.

Be inner and smart, stay updated with compassion!


All of posts are about self-love and uplifting content. Today I am going to talk feeling lost. I been facing this feeling frequently, I feel lost.

I can’t figure out the way to clarity, my plans and goals seem confuse, my tomorrow days seems unsure, unsteady.

I meditate sometimes interrupted by a large quantity of thoughts, my sense of thoughts is overwhelmed. With meditation I hope to get some answers about this feelings and what it wants to communicate. I try to speak with angels, and my higher self. and I can’t. I try to listen my intuition and is corrupted.

I feel lost and I accept it.

I feel lost about what do I like, what do I want. I feel so many indications to do and be other things. Don’t get me wrong answers is what is showing in my head but none of them are truly mine. Some voices are grandpa and parents telling me to be their perspective and way of living. Others voices are just a confusion. What I really want to know is where and what is the intuition voice.

I wrote in last posts how to follow the Intuition voice. And I am going to check it out.

To follow intuition requires exactly awareness that you are not following him or her.

I got a good tip from my post Inner Voice – Intuition.

I know tho I am aligned with my feelings because I just feel Lost. What to do next? Is a very good question that I hope to find out… for now I don’t know.

Have you ever felt lost? How do you feel now?

Power of Gratitude

To be grateful is more than just sating “Thank You”.

To be grateful is more close to a deeper inner feeling.

To be grateful is to understand beyond the experience to a deep meaning of learning, appreciation, wisdom, manifestation and realisation.

It is a Secret and a skill to be utilised in the most humble intention of soul’s growth in the Planet.

As a Human I see and experience in every situation and person I meet a meaning for my life, every dog or animal, symbolism is there to guide me. A sum off all experiences, perceived as bad or good, wrong or right, are the experience when looked at through the eyes of gratitude brings a new dimension of being because it adds value.

If something external bother internally be grateful for that sparkle of awareness and growth from that point. Be grateful also for the very good that shows.

Grateful is the highest form to be tap into and allows the mind to be connected and present in the same time frame as the soul.

Practise Gratitude, is a way more than a thank you!




Here from the sunny day I write to you with a big smile on tha face!

Enjoy the sun and keep your energy high!!

How? Just be grateful by how whatever feeling right now. If it is painful embrace it too. Soon or later it will reveal a blessing because you just tap in to your own energetic field. Through emotion you get access to your higher self.

The best emotions are those of amusement and contentment! They are just hided behind any suffer or pain you might experience with a good wisdom.

Embark your lessons for the rest of life. That’s how life is about, learning…


Be grateful, be especially grateful for being alive.


Stay tune, Rik!


I am the first

I am the first to admit:

I might have a darker side.

I might be a vampire. Yea, I vamp others in order to fulfil my hidden desires.

I might act as a manipulator. I unconsciously manipulate others in other to feel some fulfilment of my hidden needs.

I might act as an abuser. I have acted as an abuser before because I needed to satisfy desires seeking others approval disregarding their will.

I might been a liar to achieve easily what I honestly could achieve.

I sometimes use the easiest way to achieve what I want. No worthy here.

The first step is to recognise the thoughts holding the darker self. This way there is space, room and conscious intelligence to change! And the power lies on change.


Co-dependency Belief System

I don’t know who I am.


What is Co-dependency?

Co-dependency is a field of beliefs that are exterior validated rather inner validation. Outside is the validation that one seeks and do not find within. To be co dependent is a programming created since childhood self damaging to the one self.

Feelings and emotions like guilt and shame are the primordial status of people with co-dependency.


Dependent Mentality

Whoever suffers from dependent personality seeks unconsciously for someone to be dependent of. Sometimes will seek a narcissistic person which only seek approve for themselves. Disregard the approval for others and make a perfect match because the dependent person does not care to any abuse that occurs to them, Actually dependent and co-dependent person do not believe in the self as well as self harm.

Self harm is also visible by beliefs that portraits the image of self unworthy, deprivation of self love and non existence of boundaries. Everybody can take care of them and abuse them, everybody can mess up with a dependent person because this one will attach easily to whatever outcome that gives what does not find with him, such as validation and worth above mentioned.


Narcissistic Mentality

Now, narcissistic person is someone who nether loves themselves but works in another spectrum of non worthiness for self. They seek external validation but disregard any feelings regarding to the other person, unconsciously they just attend to satisfy their own needs and do whatever they can to achieve the needs that they do not seek inside.

The difference between a narcissistic and a co-dependent is that the narc know is needs and satisfy them from any source possible with any outcome. The dependent person does not know that has needs and seeks to satisfy them unconsciously outside. The common aspects about this categories of system belief is ether them seek the love inside.


My experience

I was born in an co-dependent family, worst of all they don’t know they are co-dependent. Dependent mother and narcissistic father raise me as a dependent person. Now I have realised my belief system are not up to best goals of soul, one of the reason I have created this site is to heal the co-dependency mind set I once had.

I now love myself but in the last experiences I have searched for self love on other people. It was unfair for me and for them. I work with my subconscious to heal my beliefs and reality changes at every moment.

One of the healthiest tools I have applied myself to deal with narcissistic is: I do not prove my point, very direct, few words and clear. I have been in no contact for a period of time.

What I do when in contact with a dependent person is to suggest beliefs that emphasize the own generation system of the self.


Think clear! Rik


To Give up for better!

Give up is good, it gives me space, allows me to breath into new dimensions.

To give up from concepts that no longer serve me.

To be brave to identify the beliefs that no longer hold a space in my heart and by opposition are starting to be an intruded in that pure field.

I had a very strong childhood belief that I had to get rid of.

Family, my family and the definition of family.

You know how I did it? I wrote a letter why I no longer want to belong to my Family.

Why? The family I thought I once had did not accept me. Or did not embrace the values of family I am aspiring for. One of them is Acceptance. I never felt accepted by the family I supposed I had.

What Now? I quick from belonging to a family.

I aspire to be in a family that naturally accepts me.

I am grateful for being cared for my relatives but no longer I see them as members of my Family. There is nobody on my family now. Later one someone will enter my life to fulfil the true definition of family I have in my core values.

I had to tell I give up from being son and a brother. Because I never feel accepted in this dynamic. I see them as my relatives but not family. My family is entirely another dimension of being around those that unconditionally love me. Love that I never found when I thought they were my family. I struggle a lot of time to fit in and I did not realise that there is no “adjustment of self”. There is only self acceptance and natural love for who I already am.

I will send a letter and talk directly to those relatives. Cords established with them within this field will be cut and erased. I will no longer hold a space as a member of that Family, only love for them as relatives.


To be out of this “burden” allows me space to create the self, to be the self and evolve naturally. I don’t get stuck in patterns of beliefs that no longer serve me. I identify them, destroy them and raise above. I am very contemplative performing meditation to align with my self on taking the steps to quit this energy as healthy and naturally as possible.

This is a new process for me and very challenging as I am dealing with years of childhood and programming, for that reason I am particularly aware of any change in my energy that soon I predict to be at the is best.