About Me

Rik Jones is my artistic name for Ricardo.

I will write about my experience on breaking free for Self Love.

Playing it simple lets pretend I am a puzzle and I have lost few pieces, I wish to find them and feel a completed and integrated person.

I have been studying for 8 years about consciousness.  The first book I started to read was The power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This website is a reflection of my work in the consciousness field.

I am on the process of recognising childhood traumas and I have been adapting new beliefs. I now know who I AM. A balance with what I want and what happens is achieved more precisely.


Why I want to help people

I have noticed a poor mentality amongst the common human and a little help is necessary. I recognise this low belief system in society because the freedom of humans and animals is still not assured, materialism continues to replace basic values and knowledge about energy is rejected as valid. We are not advanced as I believe the human potential demands. We are not advanced as we could be through exploring our inner powers and accepting and bringing the greatest concepts to the mind.


Making it about you.

Lets pretend you lost your funny side along with an upgrade on your career. Because your career demands professionalism you unconsciously repressed your charismatic actions.

You wish to have this funny side back, It’s a part of your personality and makes you attractive and your loved ones laugh.

I will help you with releasing your suppressed emotions, such as being able to laugh.

Blockages are seen as energy and through a deep understanding of vibration you might be able to release your traumas. We are all human beings and at an energetic level we are the same.

As I speak a lot about energy and vibration once you understand my language you will resonate with every single bit because I go to the core issues. You might feel a desire to change and a confirmation of someone who has done it before.

The power lies within and I am here to influence you feel more aware of your own power. If you need a hand or have any questions feel free to write it below and I will be happy to answer.