Allow, please.

Hello dear followers,

I am writing about allowance today.

To allow is not always easy as it seems just to let it happen.

Allow means to recognize our feelings in the midst of chaos. And let it be chaos. And let it be anger, sadness and frustration. Allow also means the joy of the moment to happen and be absorbed. Allow has this duality concept of both feelings for good and bad. For joy and hurt. But hurt also deserves to be allowed to be presence, acknowledge and felt.

Allow feelings to emerge means also to stay true and connected to our higher self. We tend to get away of nominated bad feelings and avoid them. Make them invisible because they hurt, they attract thought forms of negligence, self abuse, self hurt, low esteem and we don’t want to think low of our selves. This energy is there present and ignore wouldn’t make it away or escalate to a form of self love.

By allowing and recognizing the acceptance of these feelings that are hurtful we can from this point of moment admit, and input thoughts of compassion into those that are from a lower self. This ways we are escalating and lifting our energy to what we are feeling in the moment to an higher state.

We are very conditioned to seek external and create feelings of good vibes when we are feeling low, but all is energy and these lows are also important to be felt, present and acknowledge.

Give compassion to our self, tell to you that all is all it meants to be, all is okay and it is working for your highest good. Tell yourself in the midst of the deteriorating thoughts that you love yourself even though feeling lacking. Embrace the lack and give it space, time and breath my dear follower.

It is very rich to experience the bad so we can rejoice in what we transform into good.





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