Strategy for life

It is just that simple.

Get the negative out, because negativity attracts more of its own brothers and sisters. Choose to attract the positive family, embrace all patterns of positive thoughts. Choose to accept the negativity even with positivism. Choose all you have for a positive outcome. Even the breath, breath we take naturally, it is positive. Just a positive air coming to our lungs and expelling itself out from the body into the cosmic awareness. It is positive and all non positive aspects we think are a manifestation form of what can become positive by our own power of choosing positive thoughts. All of these to say: be positive. See, feel and think positiveness in any way you know.

See the good

Feel blue

Think harmonious.

Experience the positive outcome

Of allowing the simple secret of life.

Learn Learn Learn

And all the outcomes of learning are a result of a positive outcome.

You will materialize the positive energy into life, make this your strategy of life.


Stay tune on positiveness.

Inspired by halesceliaelaine


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