Little all secret – Expansion

My journey has been a surprise. I never expected I could come to Earth to experience Feelings. As the song “Dream On” of Aerosmith says: “Dream until your dream come true” and “your feelings come back to you” so true.

All the feelings come back to you.

At the present I have been blessed with beautiful meditations, top level meditations that reach far beyond time and space. I meet my younger selves many times and connect with the feelings. Those feelings felt when younger are the feelings I am experiencing now and are the link of space and time.

These meditations on another realms and dimensions allow me to feel again, to be and stay with all my previous selves, past selves or myself again.

Allow me to stay and connect with myself again.

I literally speak with myself in another space time reality. I can notice every vibration that occur and the experience in the 3rd plane.

I can experience the feeling, usually is suffer, hurt and I shift to alignment. I got unblocked energetically.

I also travel to selves when he is feeling happy and fully motivated.

I experience major shifts now at the present moment.

I am so eternally grateful. I am so connected to higher realms. And the  best gift the universe provide me of is to travel to another dimensions, meet me, speak to me and change meaning to experiences and feel aligned, sounds like to feel me again or deeper.

I have been suffering defragmentation, soul loss and apathy and I am awaking up to my nature self who hides behind traumatic experiences. I am revitalised, energetic and aware of my personality.

The secret I want to share with you followers is precious to meet your kid self, your teenager self, or even your last week self and speak to him. The exchange of energy is powerful to change thoughts, beliefs and even DNA.

The trust and belief on one self increases and the self love is astonishing up in scale. I am very grateful for this ability and meditation skill.

Now you can meet yourself into other selves and meet the experience in the past. Which means that present feelings can be a mirror for past experiences and to meet this selves and speak to them in the present is a gateway for a healing. I am very aware of what thoughts hold momentum in my awareness.

As basic of energy is “your thought becomes reality” any unaligned thought shall be healed before it goes to manifestation.

Remember that feelings that come with these thoughts might be painful, nevertheless always stay present with these uncomfortable feelings and give love to yourself. Stay with the feeling, watch it, feel it, be with the it, the hurt… as much you present with serenity or happiness. After a moments of awareness, this painful feeling is healed, it goes away and you know what stay? Wisdom, juice of experience, precious information you’ll make sure is applied! And this is called self development, evolution and progression – just how Universe works!

I am just ending with one word: Alignment!


Bless you!



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