Projection is to see in someone a past event with another person and our actions is reflected to the event rather to the circumstances of the present.

To project onto other people emotions felt in the past.

To project is react in the same way as the same event experienced in the past. For example if two people with same energies one from the past, where trauma born, and other from present where trauma is triggered, we as the one experiencing feel the emotional response in the present and react into it based on the past. This shows the healing sign and when we heal this emotional trauma any new person with same energy is to be dealt accordingly and with the wisdom of this past experience. Never returns again the energy already transformed.

To be aware of the emotional trigger in the present is the first step. Is the answer in response of  emotion or in response of alignment? Alignment means to grow through the trauma. Effectively response in emotion is the same answer we would like to be accepted in the past. Because it wasn’t we are now afraid of being rejected again. The wisdom is to do again and offer the same aligned answer.

Good tips to have time and connect to inner self before answer in response to emotion based on trauma. Allow time to be aware. If a situation occurs and you are facing a person try to gain time to connect with yourself. Ask questions, give responses like ‘Just give me a minute’. or “few seconds”. Speak indirectly ‘how can I help you?’ Or maybe ask to repeat the answer to allow time to answer in alignment.

Be inner and smart, stay updated with compassion!

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