Allow, please.

Hello dear followers,

I am writing about allowance today.

To allow is not always easy as it seems just to let it happen.

Allow means to recognize our feelings in the midst of chaos. And let it be chaos. And let it be anger, sadness and frustration. Allow also means the joy of the moment to happen and be absorbed. Allow has this duality concept of both feelings for good and bad. For joy and hurt. But hurt also deserves to be allowed to be presence, acknowledge and felt.

Allow feelings to emerge means also to stay true and connected to our higher self. We tend to get away of nominated bad feelings and avoid them. Make them invisible because they hurt, they attract thought forms of negligence, self abuse, self hurt, low esteem and we don’t want to think low of our selves. This energy is there present and ignore wouldn’t make it away or escalate to a form of self love.

By allowing and recognizing the acceptance of these feelings that are hurtful we can from this point of moment admit, and input thoughts of compassion into those that are from a lower self. This ways we are escalating and lifting our energy to what we are feeling in the moment to an higher state.

We are very conditioned to seek external and create feelings of good vibes when we are feeling low, but all is energy and these lows are also important to be felt, present and acknowledge.

Give compassion to our self, tell to you that all is all it meants to be, all is okay and it is working for your highest good. Tell yourself in the midst of the deteriorating thoughts that you love yourself even though feeling lacking. Embrace the lack and give it space, time and breath my dear follower.

It is very rich to experience the bad so we can rejoice in what we transform into good.





Unreaveled truth

Hello dear followers.

I am bringing to you some exiting truths and inconvenient lies.

I could start these post by focus in the realm of fear, scarcity, manipulation and poverty thinking, then I would uplift you offering some “good” energies such as solution to scale up for higher energies such as compassion, admiration, forgiveness and hope. Although this is how the world works in superficial ways is not my point to use lower energies to catch your attention.

Low energies such as scarcity are used through marketing, companies and all ways that one is wants are met towards the action and consent of other people. It is easier to scare a child into not doing something rather to teach her through love ways the same thing. It is easier to scare a employee of the scarcity of his money rather than aligned frequencies to be used. It is easier to a politician govern his population by offer them fear rather than not doing it so.

The use of scarcity is what happens today, now, when you go out to the city you are faced with scarcity, lack and fear. It is not surprising that everyone at work or in day to day exchange of energies is faced with lack, and more lack. We are forced to be in this mindset because it allow those who want something from us to control us. To use our will and consent to take actions accordingly to their wants and plans over human natural power.

We are governed by non human entities, those who control money, those who control the higher higher hierarchies of power are not humans. Are entities with full access of power and knowledge that use this information collected over years of studies into humans. Humans are us, us that have hearts. But do you think that humans are only one entities on earth? Do you believe that we govern earth?

Do you believe that presidents of countries are governed by humans? We are humans indeed but are being under control of entities of other realms. Energies that we have no access to and information of due to the disclose of this information would reveal who these non humans beings are.

These non humans are entities we can call archons, reptiles or common word “aliens” or ovnis, we just don’t know who they are because that is the plan.

Nothing to worry about because it has been this way for long period of time. And it is all how it meant to be.

Important to notice is these humans don’t have an heart.

These “humans” (that aren’t) can not feel and only obtain knowledge and apply it. Think towards this mindset and understand that if only humans were on earth we could heal every single aspect of the now pain we experience and hurt. We would be healed completely because the heart in all species does that job! What happens is the knowledge of non humans entities applies consistently by very well informed ways pain and hurt, stress and alienation over humans so that our ability to heal is bypassed.

I am talking about frequencies, we don’t see them, I am talking about chemicals we don’t see them, I am talking about subliminal energies and messages we don’t interpret consciously. I am talking about energies very subliminal and invisible that result over and behind the capacity of human eye.

Who control the money is not banks, but the entities that have created them, those who work in banks are humans and all happens with other companies, humans work but the supervision and decision of above comes from entities non human. They have collected the power by studies, science on how to influence, manipulate the frequencies of human brain.

Once human brain is programmed the person that holds is not longer at his will. Power weapons change frequencies of thoughts, induce fear, lack into each every one of us. Chemicals on the water, on the air and on the food change the frequencies of our thoughts and put us out of our field of energy that is naturally healthy.

We are not the city, the cars, the way we live, we are frequencies, energies and invisible waves, we are a magnitude of light and feelings that we are not aware, this wisdom of the spiritual beings on us is hidden to be coerced into this aliens entities intentions.

Yes, there is a trap, there is a way out. If we keep asleep reptiles will thank us, if we awake slowly we are free ourselves from the slavery we face every time over and over again.

See you again soon.

Strategy for life

It is just that simple.

Get the negative out, because negativity attracts more of its own brothers and sisters. Choose to attract the positive family, embrace all patterns of positive thoughts. Choose to accept the negativity even with positivism. Choose all you have for a positive outcome. Even the breath, breath we take naturally, it is positive. Just a positive air coming to our lungs and expelling itself out from the body into the cosmic awareness. It is positive and all non positive aspects we think are a manifestation form of what can become positive by our own power of choosing positive thoughts. All of these to say: be positive. See, feel and think positiveness in any way you know.

See the good

Feel blue

Think harmonious.

Experience the positive outcome

Of allowing the simple secret of life.

Learn Learn Learn

And all the outcomes of learning are a result of a positive outcome.

You will materialize the positive energy into life, make this your strategy of life.


Stay tune on positiveness.

Inspired by halesceliaelaine



life Is boring as hell.

Nothing to do, nothing to be.

Only searching for some love in the dark. Doubting about everybody and about every circumstance. Looking for love but hidden in thought forms of doubt and disbelief.

Looking to trust in love but being caught up on logic and rules that lead me from point A to B. When I get there I am empty again.

I am fed up of rules. I am fed up of indecisiveness. I want to trust in the universe. This lack of self love and the search for inner trust is a conquest.

Stop saying.

Start feeling.

Little all secret – Expansion

My journey has been a surprise. I never expected I could come to Earth to experience Feelings. As the song “Dream On” of Aerosmith says: “Dream until your dream come true” and “your feelings come back to you” so true.

All the feelings come back to you.

At the present I have been blessed with beautiful meditations, top level meditations that reach far beyond time and space. I meet my younger selves many times and connect with the feelings. Those feelings felt when younger are the feelings I am experiencing now and are the link of space and time.

These meditations on another realms and dimensions allow me to feel again, to be and stay with all my previous selves, past selves or myself again.

Allow me to stay and connect with myself again.

I literally speak with myself in another space time reality. I can notice every vibration that occur and the experience in the 3rd plane.

I can experience the feeling, usually is suffer, hurt and I shift to alignment. I got unblocked energetically.

I also travel to selves when he is feeling happy and fully motivated.

I experience major shifts now at the present moment.

I am so eternally grateful. I am so connected to higher realms. And the  best gift the universe provide me of is to travel to another dimensions, meet me, speak to me and change meaning to experiences and feel aligned, sounds like to feel me again or deeper.

I have been suffering defragmentation, soul loss and apathy and I am awaking up to my nature self who hides behind traumatic experiences. I am revitalised, energetic and aware of my personality.

The secret I want to share with you followers is precious to meet your kid self, your teenager self, or even your last week self and speak to him. The exchange of energy is powerful to change thoughts, beliefs and even DNA.

The trust and belief on one self increases and the self love is astonishing up in scale. I am very grateful for this ability and meditation skill.

Now you can meet yourself into other selves and meet the experience in the past. Which means that present feelings can be a mirror for past experiences and to meet this selves and speak to them in the present is a gateway for a healing. I am very aware of what thoughts hold momentum in my awareness.

As basic of energy is “your thought becomes reality” any unaligned thought shall be healed before it goes to manifestation.

Remember that feelings that come with these thoughts might be painful, nevertheless always stay present with these uncomfortable feelings and give love to yourself. Stay with the feeling, watch it, feel it, be with the it, the hurt… as much you present with serenity or happiness. After a moments of awareness, this painful feeling is healed, it goes away and you know what stay? Wisdom, juice of experience, precious information you’ll make sure is applied! And this is called self development, evolution and progression – just how Universe works!

I am just ending with one word: Alignment!


Bless you!



Change Reality Believe

I got some time to understand the power of choiche, thought and perception. You know power of belief is everything. You create whatever reality you desire once understanding the process. To uncover the reality you desire you need to rip all the illusions that are in the way or shall be said illusions that don’t match that frequency of your desired one. Everything in this world is an illusion. You know that the emotions you experience and label as bad are reflection of illusions we want to shift. A lot of what you thought to be true is now changing to no value within so what you will feel is like a different persona or different Me. You have to know that you will change inside out and also everything on external (relationships and circumstances) will change. Accept all changes gracefully as they are breaking new ground for the new to come in.



Projection is to see in someone a past event with another person and our actions is reflected to the event rather to the circumstances of the present.

To project onto other people emotions felt in the past.

To project is react in the same way as the same event experienced in the past. For example if two people with same energies one from the past, where trauma born, and other from present where trauma is triggered, we as the one experiencing feel the emotional response in the present and react into it based on the past. This shows the healing sign and when we heal this emotional trauma any new person with same energy is to be dealt accordingly and with the wisdom of this past experience. Never returns again the energy already transformed.

To be aware of the emotional trigger in the present is the first step. Is the answer in response of  emotion or in response of alignment? Alignment means to grow through the trauma. Effectively response in emotion is the same answer we would like to be accepted in the past. Because it wasn’t we are now afraid of being rejected again. The wisdom is to do again and offer the same aligned answer.

Good tips to have time and connect to inner self before answer in response to emotion based on trauma. Allow time to be aware. If a situation occurs and you are facing a person try to gain time to connect with yourself. Ask questions, give responses like ‘Just give me a minute’. or “few seconds”. Speak indirectly ‘how can I help you?’ Or maybe ask to repeat the answer to allow time to answer in alignment.

Be inner and smart, stay updated with compassion!


All of posts are about self-love and uplifting content. Today I am going to talk feeling lost. I been facing this feeling frequently, I feel lost.

I can’t figure out the way to clarity, my plans and goals seem confuse, my tomorrow days seems unsure, unsteady.

I meditate sometimes interrupted by a large quantity of thoughts, my sense of thoughts is overwhelmed. With meditation I hope to get some answers about this feelings and what it wants to communicate. I try to speak with angels, and my higher self. and I can’t. I try to listen my intuition and is corrupted.

I feel lost and I accept it.

I feel lost about what do I like, what do I want. I feel so many indications to do and be other things. Don’t get me wrong answers is what is showing in my head but none of them are truly mine. Some voices are grandpa and parents telling me to be their perspective and way of living. Others voices are just a confusion. What I really want to know is where and what is the intuition voice.

I wrote in last posts how to follow the Intuition voice. And I am going to check it out.

To follow intuition requires exactly awareness that you are not following him or her.

I got a good tip from my post Inner Voice – Intuition.

I know tho I am aligned with my feelings because I just feel Lost. What to do next? Is a very good question that I hope to find out… for now I don’t know.

Have you ever felt lost? How do you feel now?